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We know the importance of providing a healthy diet. Good nutritional meals support healthy development, and are a contributory factor in thriving children and enabling them to make healthy food choices. We believe that we play our part in reducing childhood obesity

  • Breakfast from 8am to around 9am

  • Lunch at 11.45am

  • Tea at 3pm


We provide a pescatarian menu, ensuring that meals are plentiful with fish, fresh vegetables, salad and fruit, in addition to eggs and dairy. We do not provide desserts but instead offer fruits or yoghurts.


Parents who have breastfed babies are welcome to leave breast milk at the nursery. Parents whose children have formula milk are asked to provide this. Milk and water are the only drinks available at the nursery


We encourage all children to be independent feeders as soon as they are physically able, even if this means that they use their hands, which is developmentally appropriate for young children


We enjoy helping the children to celebrate their birthdays at the nursery by sharing their day with their peers and the staff. Parents are welcome to bring in a shop-bought cake (so we can see the ingredients used)


We recognise that more and more children are becoming susceptible to food allergies as well as other allergens in the environment. Our cook and the staff who handle food understand that ingredients such as milk, eggs, fish, gluten, nuts can be present in foods and can pose a serious threat to anyone who is allergic to them and everyone is vigilant about monitoring the children’s dietary needs before serving them


We take our hygiene and cleanliness responsibilities seriously and as such have many protocols in place to ensure that we keep children safe.

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