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What Ofsted says...

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Children are happy and well-settled at the nursery. They are greeted warmly by familiar staff as they arrive. Children settle down to play and show a strong sense of belonging.

Babies explore the indoor and outdoor areas confidently, making choices about their play. Older children are proud of their rooms and enjoy showing visitors the displays they have created.

Children learn to value their uniqueness and respect their differences. Children and staff celebrate the diversity of languages in the nursery.

Staff interact positively with children and provide a broad curriculum based on the things the children enjoy. This positive approach helps children to become confident and enthusiastic learners.

Staff monitor children's development well and have a good understanding of their learning needs. Staff support children's language and communication skills well.

Children are active learners and relish the opportunities to play in the nursery garden. Older children enjoy regular forest school activities. This provides them with a wider range of physical challenges.

Parents report they are exceptionally well informed about their children's learning. Some parents comment that they chose the nursery because it is very inclusive, staff are friendly and they feel welcomed.

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