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What Ofsted says...

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Children enjoy the time they spend at the setting. Staff provide a warm and welcoming environment where children feel safe and secure. Children settle well and form bonds with adults and their peers

Children enjoy freshly prepared meals, which support their good health

Children benefit from regular access to the outdoor play area. Children develop their physical skills, such as when they use large climbing equipment and push-along cars. They learn how to grow plants and look after them

Children, particularly those who are older, are confident communicators and staff actively encourage them to share their thoughts and ideas

Staff reinforce children's good behaviour through positive role modelling and by giving them praise. Children understand the importance of using good manners and confidently use 'please' and 'thank you' when asking for something they would like

Staff know their key children well. They use this knowledge to plan a range of interesting opportunities that cover all areas of learning. Parents know their children's key person and report that staff are friendly and have regular communication with them

Children confidently play alongside adults and positively cooperate with their peers during group activities. These skills help children to be ready for their move on to school