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Chingford House Nursery is securely monitored by a CCTV surveillance system. The Owner is responsible for the operation of the system and for ensuring compliance with this policy.


We recognise that the use of CCTV has become a common feature of our daily lives and, while its use is generally accepted, CCTV operators have certain duties and responsibilities to those whose images are caught on camera.


The Nursery complies with the Information Commissioners’ CCTV Code of Practice to ensure that CCTV is used responsibly and safeguards both trust and confidence in its continued use. The use of CCTV and the associated images is covered by the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012. This policy outlines the nursery’s use of CCTV and is associated with our General Date Protection Regulations policy.



Cameras are located in each of the children’s rooms, the entrance hall, the garden and the corridors. No camera is hidden from view. Signs are placed in the nursery to inform staff, children, parents/carers and visitors that a CCTV installation is in use. It is not possible to guarantee that the system will detect every incident taking place on the site.


Purpose of the System:

The CCTV system has been installed by Chingford House Nursery with the primary purpose of :

  • Monitoring staff interaction with children

  • Ensuring children are appropriately cared for

  • Facilitating the identification of any activities/event which might warrant disciplinary proceedings being taken against staff and assist in providing evidence to the Nursery Owner and Manager

  • Reducing the threat of a child being abducted

  • Monitoring damage to the building

  • Monitoring theft

  • Assisting in the prevention and detection of crime

  • Helping ensure the safety of all staff, children, parents/carers and visitors, consistent with the respect for the individual’s privacy

The system will not be used to provide images for the world-wide web or record any sound.


Digital recordings are made using a digital video recorder operating in real time, monitoring the site continuously 24 hours a day. Images will normally be retained for one month from the date of the recording and will then be automatically overwritten.



Viewing of the CCTV recorded images will be restricted to the Nursery Owner and Manager within the office. Out of nursery hours, the owner has access to the CCTV images via secure remote access to assist in maintaining the security of the premises.


Parents/carers should be aware that this is not a “webcam” facility so parents will not have access to view recordings.



Policy created by Yolande Farrell Manager

Signed off by: Zarkar Akhtar Owner

Date: February 2023

Date of next review: February 2025

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