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Security Policy

In conjunction with the health and safety policy at Chingford House Nursery we are committed to keeping the children, staff, parents and users of our setting safe. We endeavour to provide an environment where children are free from harm and fear and that staff are assured of their safety.

To meet this endeavour, we have a number of policies in place; however this policy focuses on the security aspect of keeping our children safe.


Entry points

It is possible to gain entry to the nursery through different entry points: the front door, the garden gate, the doors to Poppies, Sunflowers and to the back hallway.

Therefore we have implemented ways which restrict entry to the nursery and ensure that people only gain access with our consent.


The Manager generally opens the front door, this then means that she is familiar with the children and knows which room she need to take them to. The staff (with permission) can open the door if they know who it is. Opening the door this way not only ensures that we are able to greet parents and visitors personally, but that we are very much aware of who we are granting access to the nursery.


Since the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, parents are not permitted to come into nursery on a daily basis so that we can minimise the risk of transmission. Parents are only invited to the nursery for specific events.


The gate

Another entry point is through the side gate (this is also one of the fire exits); the gate however is locked from the garden side with two slide bolts; entry is only gained if a member of staff opens the gate.


The gate provides access to the garden, Poppies and Sunflowers rooms as well as to the back hallway, which leads to the kitchen and other rooms on the lower floor.


Parents of children who are settling in Poppies and Sunflowers are able to go through the gate to their respective room for the 30 minutes settling-in period. Parents of children for other rooms will have access through the front door.


Children – safety & security

We adhere to the Statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (2021) and as such children ‘must usually be within sight and hearing of staff and always within sight or hearing.

Although we encourage and promote independence, children are not left unattended for long, i.e., a child may go to the toilet alone before being closely followed by a member of staff. Children are not left to roam the corridors unattended and cannot leave the nursery grounds without a member of staff.

Children are permitted to leave the premises with their parents or nominated people that parents have included on their registration form. Parents can phone in advance informing us if someone else is coming to collect their child. We ask for a photograph of the person and their name so we know who to expect and ask for their ID on arrival.



Chingford House Nursery has CCTV in place; the use of CCTV is to assure parents of their child’s safety; in addition, it is important that the Manager/Owner is always aware of who is on site and where they are. The cameras are located in all of the children’s rooms as well as the hallways, office, staff room, the garden and outside the front entrance.


Visitors sign in book

Visitors are asked to sign in when first entering the nursery; signing in is for security as well as fire safety reasons.


Professionals visiting normally have a pre-booked appointment to attend the nursery (Ofsted Inspectors etc. do not need appointments). All professionals must show ID confirming who they are and who they have come to see.


Visitors will not be left alone unless it is to notify a member of staff of their presence. The visitor will be asked to remain in the hallway until they have received permission to go to a particular area of the nursery or are escorted around.


We permit visits for prospective parents although we have continued with the Covid protocols so the visits take place in the children’s outdoor play area and then parents can see their child’s prospective room from the doorway.



If parents, students or visitors are concerned about any aspect of security they should raise their concerns in the first instance to:


The Health & Safety Officer (Zarkar Akhtar)

The Manager  (Yolande Farrell)


Any concerns raised will be recorded and discussed at a Room Leaders’ meeting/ appropriate meeting and the outcome will be reported accordingly.


Policy created by: Yolande Farrell Manager

Signed off by: Zarkar Akhtar, Owner

Date: June 2022 

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