Sun Safety

At Chingford House Nursery we understand the severity of being exposed to ultra violet radiation (UV) from sunlight; ‘damage from UV exposure is cumulative and increases your skin cancer risk over time’ ( Therefore, we take our commitment to protecting the children’s skin seriously and have several precautions in place to limiting the risk of over-exposure to the sun.


Babies and children are particularly vulnerable to sunburn as they have thinner and more sensitive skin than adults, so we need to be particularly robust in how we care for them (


Parents must apply the first application of sunscreen before bringing their child to nursery (must be labelled); staff will ask to ensure that this has been done or to apply sunscreen if they have forgotten. We ask parents to apply the initial sunscreen, so that it does not reduce the children’s play or garden time by having to apply sunscreen for a group of children before they can go in the garden.


Parents are asked to ensure that the sunscreen is at least factor 30 and where possible that it is waterproof.
Sunscreen will not be shared as children may have sensitive skin or allergies, so it is important that parents ensure that they provide sunscreen for their own child. Parents consent to staff applying sunscreen on their registration form.


What staff at Chingford House Nursery do to protect the children’s skin:

• Keep immobile babies and young children in shaded areas of the garden
• Ensure that children are wearing suitable clothing – long sleeved tops & full-length skirts/trousers (thin/light clothing)
• Keep children inside at the hottest times of the day
• Ensure that the children are wearing hats (if possible, ones that cover their ears and neck)
• Ensure that sunscreen is applied throughout the day
• Encourage children to wear sunglasses if they can/want to (these need to be provided by the parents)
• Make sure that water is accessible both indoors and out and ensure that the children are drinking plenty of it throughout the day


As part of physical development (health & self-care) we discuss looking after our skin with the children. The children are encouraged to apply their sunscreen independently which is then supported & topped up by staff.


Parents are reminded about the importance of providing sunscreen in the H&S section of the monthly newsletters. Additionally, staff discuss sun safety issues as an agenda item for H&S so that together we are protecting the children.


Policy created by: Yolande Farrell Manager

Signed off by: Zarkar Akhtar Owner

Date: June 2020 Date of next review: June 2022