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Non-payment of fees policy

Statement of Intent

We aim to ensure the financial stability and viability of Chingford House Nursery by requesting that all fees are paid monthly and received in the nursery’s bank account by the seventh of the month at the very latest.


Parents/carers will be informed of the fees and payment method before they join Chingford House Nursery. A fees sheet is available which outlines the monthly amounts that parents/carers will be asked to pay. Full fees are payable up to and including the term of the child’s third birthday, after which time the child will become eligible for early years funding and the fees will therefore reduce.


Payments must be made through standing orders set up with the bank. If requested, invoices will be issued to parents before the monthly payment is due. Payments must be received by the seventh of the month.


If fees are not received by the seventh of the month, then this will be deemed to be a non-payment of fees, and as such our non-payment of fees procedures will commence (see below).

We do understand that parents can unfortunately encounter difficulties when paying fees. If a parent/carer has any problems with the payment of the fees, they are requested to contact Zarkar Akhtar immediately and she will discuss the possibility of setting up a reasonable payment plan with them.


If, however,

  • a reasonable payment plan cannot be agreed upon, or

  • a reasonable payment plan is not adhered to, or

  • a parent fails to inform Chingford House Nursery of a problem with the payment of fees prior to the due date of the seventh of the month, or

  • a payment is not made, or

  • a payment is rejected by the bank


then Chingford House Nursery will follow the procedures below to ensure all unpaid fees are recovered.



  1. An “Overdue Account“ letter will be issued by email to the parent/carer on the 8th of the month requesting that payment be made on that day.

  2. If payment is received that day no further action will be taken

  3. If payment is not received on the 8th of the month, then a penalty of £10 per day will be applied for every day that fees are unpaid up until and including the 14th of the month.

  4. If a payment plan has been discussed and agreed upon within the seven days, no further action shall be taken.

  5. If, however, no payment has been received or satisfactory arrangements made for a payment plan by the 14th of the month, then from the 15th of the month the child/ren concerned will be unable to continue to attend Chingford House Nursery until payment is received and cleared in full. This payment will include the non-payment penalty fees of £10 per day.

  6. If there is a consistent failure to pay the nursery fees on time for three months or if the fees have not been paid over the period of three months, then Chingford House Nursery may commence legal action.


Policy created and signed off by:       Zarkar Akhtar, Owner

 Date of policy:                                    April 2023

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